Welcome and thank you for visiting the Nauck Civic Association's (NCA) website!  Our association was formed in the late 1920s and represents approximately 2287 Nauck households.  For more demographic info about Nauck, click here.   NCA represents Nauck community residents to local government, typically about issues related to health, welfare, and safety.  Through standing monthly, public meetings, NCA is able to listen and address such small and large issues affecting Nauck residents.  Is there an issue that you would like for the NCA to address?  Join us for an upcoming meeting the first Monday of every month (Drew Model School, 7:30PM) or e-mail the NCA at
NCA Letter Regarding 4MRV
Should I Contact the Nauck Civic Association? If you are interested/concerned about one of the following issues (or the like), please email the NCA and/or bring up your issue at our next public meeting! Public Safety Traffic Planning/Highway Development Roads/Sidewalks Street Lights Neighborhood Crime/Noise Concerns Storm Drains/Water Supply Neighborhood Improvements Civic Engagement/Community Events Community Education Public Transportation Arlington County Government Issues Taxpayer-Funded Projects/Services Permits
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Bridge Builders of Nauck/Green Valley: Past and Present by Dr. Alfred O. Taylor Jr.
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NCA Letter Regarding 4MRV

Feb 4th – 7:30pm NCA Monthly Meeting at Drew

Feb 23th – 1-6pm Feel the Heritage Celebration at Drew Download Flyer

Mar 4th – 7:30pm NCA Monthly Meeting at Drew

Apr 1st – 7:30pm NCA Monthly Meeting at Drew

May 6th – 7:30pm NCA Monthly Meeting at Drew

June 3rd – 7:30pm NCA Monthly Meeting at Drew

June 15th – Nauck Antique & Classic Car Show at Drew

Sep 21st – Nauck Civic & Community Pride Day at Drew

Due July 31